Welcome from the Mina Rees Library

Welcome from the Mina Rees Library

Welcome to the Mina Rees Library! We’re excited to work with you, and help you acclimate to the research intensive environment of The Graduate Center.

How to get in touch with us? If you have a general or research question, email us at – library@gc.cuny.edu . We’re also available via live, 24/7 chat reference and one-on-one consultations. 

A Network of Library Access

The Mina Rees Library is truly more than meets the eye. We provide access to hundreds of databases remotely and on-site, including Ebooks, scholarly articles, newspapers, archival resources, and so much more – all tailored to fit the needs of students and faculty.

We’re also part of the larger CUNY system, comprised of 25 campuses across New York City, and even more libraries! Be sure to check whether there’s a location that might suit your needs, on this extensive map of the CUNY libraries. Please note that you may need to request a Guest Login for on-site access to their Wifi and e-resources – there is no off-site access to the databases of other CUNY Libraries, beyond this shared list of databases. 

Using InterLibrary Loan – Often & Always! 

We strongly encourage you to place requests via InterLibrary Loan (ILL), if it turns out we don’t have an item in our collections. Through various partnerships and resource sharing networks, there is access to millions (literally, millions!) of books, articles, and other content formats via InterLibrary Loan. This is a truly excellent way to expand your research possibilities – if you have any questions about how to place an ILL request, contact us and we will happily assist (library@gc.cuny.edu).

Partnership with The New York Public Library & Research Study Rooms

The Graduate Center and NYPL have had a long-standing partnership that dates back to 1968. One of the main benefits for you is the ability to loan books from the three research libraries – The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, The New York Public Library for Performing Arts, and the Schomburg Research Center for Black Culture – for extended loan periods of 120 days

How to obtain these special borrowing privileges? Simply go to one of the three research libraries in person, bring an NYPL library card, and identify yourself as a Graduate Center student (showing your current GC ID). NYPL library staff will issue a CUNY-GC sticker for your NYPL library card that signals these extended borrowing privileges. To apply for an NYPL library card, please see details here. 

Research Study Rooms

Seeking an inspiring study space and additional research support? Check out the NYPL Research Study Rooms, administered through the Center for the Humanities at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue, in Manhattan. GC doctoral students and independent scholars are eligible to apply, and if you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at (library@gc.cuny.edu). All GC doctoral students are highly encouraged to make use of this excellent resource.

And so much more…

The Mina Rees Library can assist with questions about open scholarship, citation management, digital tools and projects, and is also home to the Dissertation Office. Feel free to be in touch anytime!

Loving the Libraries!

As a grad student, you will not only conduct research, but you will frantically search for your sources, whether those sources are books on 19th century Talmudic commentaries, articles on Puerto Rican feminist punk music, or photographs of Minoan wall paintings. The good news is that you can find everything in New York. The bad news is that you won’t necessarily find it as quickly as you want.

If you’ve already visited the Graduate Center, you probably noticed that Mina Rees Library seems pretty small for a university library. It is. However, through the Mina Rees Library you have access to all of the materials at all CUNY libraries and a large number of libraries across the United States. Through CLICS, you can request books from all other CUNY libraries and have them delivered to you at the GC. And if that isn’t enough, you can request articles, chapters, and books from other university libraries through the Interlibrary Loan program.

Another important research tool is the New York Public Library. The NYPL includes the Stephan A. Schwarzman research center (conveniently only eight blocks from the GC), the Science, Industry and Business Library (conveniently right behind the GC), and all of the local branches (convenience levels vary). To access the NYPL, you’ll need an NYPL card. If you live in New York, all you’ll need to do is present proof of residency (bank statement, photo identification, etc.). If you have the misfortune to live outside of New York, you’ll still be able to get a card through your affiliation with CUNY.

There are also lots of private libraries in New York, which thankfully have their collections linked to WorldCat. These include museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Morgan Library and Museum, as well as organizations such as the American Numismatic Society. Access varies, but your search might be well rewarded if you look off the beaten track.