Advice to new graduate students

You are starting a new graduate program in the Fall.  What better time to seek out some advice from scholars who have been down this road before you?

We highly recommend the blog post from our very own Grad Center student, Danica Savonick entitled Dear Fellow Graduate Student.   Additionally, we recommend reading two great articles for new graduate students appeared that appeared in The Chronicle several years ago: An Open Letter to New Graduate Students and Too Much Self-Doubt? Try Thinking Like a Creator.

And while you haven’t even started yet, here is a short article giving some great advice on how not to become a PhD non-completer.

Have you read any advice about starting graduate school that you’d like to share with other incoming students?  Post a link in the comments section!

credit to David Whittaker @rundavidrun

Getting ready for Registration

We are getting ready to place registration holds for any official documents that have not yet been received by the Office of Admissions. Please be sure to once again check the online application to track whether or not we have your official documents.  Information on what documents are needed and how to best get them to us can be found here.

If you have not received an email letting you know how to log in to claim your CUNY First account by 8/2, please email



New Student Orientation

The Graduate Center
New Student Orientation

Thursday, August 22, 2019, 9:00 a.m.

The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street
New York City

9:00 a.m., Proshansky Auditorium Lobby, Concourse Level

10:00 a.m., Proshansky Auditorium, Concourse Level


For further information, contact the Office for Student Affairs, 212.817.7400 or


If you have a disability and require accommodation in order to fully participate in New Student Convocation and Orientation activities, please contact Clare Wilson, student disability services manager, at 212.817.7400 or Two weeks advance notice of need for accommodations is requested.

Registration Information

Please be advised that new student registration at the Graduate Center will not begin until August 21st.   Registration materials will be sent out in early August and they will come to you by email.

You will want to familiarize yourself with the Academic Calendar for Fall 2019 which can be found online here:


Please make sure that you update us if you make any changes to your email address or mailing address should be made within CUNY First or by emailing the