Posted by: Cihan Tekay | 1st May, 2017

Health Info

Feeling under the weather? The GC has a Wellness Center located in Room 6422 and staffed by a licensed Nurse Practitioner (NP). A note here for international students like myself, since it took me a while to figure this out: a NP is a health professional who provides primary health care similar to physicians in other countries. NPs can order diagnostic tests, treat medical conditions, prescribe medication, etc. Another notion that is unfamiliar to those of us who come from countries with universal health care: the health services at the GC are free, but if you don’t have health insurance, tests can cost you. However, if you order them through the Wellness Center, the cost is reduced and partially subsidized by the DSC. For more information and a full list of services provided by the Wellness Center, click here.

If you have a health emergency and go to an Emergency Room (ER) within the borders of New York state, there is something called Emergency Medicaid which you could potentially qualify for. Also see this list of free and reduced-cost clinics in New York. While we are here, let me note that the DSC Health & Wellness blog is a great online resource for navigating health-related matters as a grad student, and I find this guide on how to navigate NYSHIP (if you are insured through the GC or Cuny, this is your health insurance) very useful, especially if you want to avoid overpaying for your medical expenses. Follow the blog or @healthDSCcuny on Twitter if you want to keep updated on free workshops and health services throughout the year (hint: chair massages during finals!)

Graduate school is hard on the body and the mind! Take advantage of the free, confidential counseling services provided by the GC. If grad school is hard on your relationship(s), you can sign up for couple’s therapy as well. If you have health insurance and seek long-term options, the counselors at the GC can also refer you to mental health professionals outside the GC.

New York falls and winters can be brutal. Moreover, crowded subway rides and small-sized classrooms tend to leave you prone to infections. Get a free flu vaccine to be prepared! Sitting in classrooms or in front of a computer doesn’t help with our overall well-being either. To get your body moving, you can sign up for a yoga or pilates class at the GC for $15, or join the gym on other Cuny campuses. If you are prone to winter blues like I am, make sure to check out a SAD lamp from the DSC office, Room 5495.

Are you a parent? If you are a new mother, you can use Room 7408 for your nursing needs by presenting your current GC ID and completing a key request form in the Office of Student Affairs in Room 7301. The GC also provides subsidized child care services through the Child Development and Learning Center. To apply, schedule an appointment with the Director, Linda Perrotta at 212-817-7032. If you are a doctoral student and a new parent, make sure to read and request GC’s detailed Parental Accommodation Policy in order to get all the support that you need.

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