Posted by: Marisa Panzani | 7th Apr, 2017

Blogging with CUNY Commons

We’d like to take the time to encourage you to join the CUNY Commons (the site that is hosting this blog.)  As soon as you have registered for classes in August, you will be assigned an email address which will allow you to join the Commons and either become a contributor to an existing blog or group or begin your own blog or student group.

Interested in why you should blog?  Take a look at From Tweet to Blog Post to Peer-Reviewed Article: How to be a Scholar Now by GC’s own Jessie Daniels or take a look at The Virtues of Blogging as a Scholarly Activity at The Chronicle.

Some active blogs on the Commons (that you can read now even though you aren’t yet a Commons member) are:

GC Students of Anthropology –

GC English Students blog –

Le Hub (French students’ blog) –

GC Marxist Reading group –

Collaborative Seeing Studio –

Zines at the Brooklyn College Library –



Hi everyone! I am an international student who has been admitted to the GC, and I am strongly interested in a student employment position there. I’ve already asked for more information to the e-mail address They answered very briefly:

There are limited student employment positions available in certain student services offices.

So they didn’t enlightened me about how is the process, which kind of activities I can do, how is the salary, or since when can I start/apply. Therefore, now I’m asking here, and I hope that someone of you could help me. Best regards!

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