Posted by: Marisa Panzani | 10th May, 2014

Registration and Orientation information

In case you are thinking about registration, please be advised that new Graduate Center students will not begin registration until August 19th.   Registration materials will be sent out in early August and they will come to you by email.  Please make sure that you update us if you make any changes to your email address between now and then.  Send those updates to prior to registering.  After you have registered, any updates to your contact info should be directed to

New Student Orientation is scheduled for Tuesday, August 26th.  More details will be coming in a later post.

And the first day of classes is August 28th.  You can see the full academic calendar at






Is there an additional orientation for international students? And when would you advise coming to New York then?

The Office of International Students will be at the orientation for all students and a time will be set aside for specific time to meet with them. Additionally, they will be having open office hours to meet with incoming students all during registration.

To answer your timing question, the student visa only allows you to arrive 30 days prior to the “report date.” So, you will not be permitted to arrive earlier than July 21st. Hope that helps.

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